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Modifing 1/18 scale diecast and resin model cars since the year 2000.

As featured on Graveyard Carz

Custom made 1970 Dodge Charger to replicate Mark Wormans first Mopar he owned. Built for the show as a present given to him by his daughter for Fathers Day. This build featured many firsts on a diecast model including stock Charger door panels, stock shifter knob with center button and 383 single exhaust to name a few.

To get a price on having a diecast replica of your car created you will need to go to the Ordering A Replica page and follow the directions.

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We are also the new Backyard Conversions. For collectors that know this name we have purchased it from the original owner, Clarke Story. All limited edition convertible conversions moving forward will be part of the Backyard Conversions 2 division of YCID, LLC. All of these releases will have a dual signature Certificate of Authenticity including mine and Clarke Storys.

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