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My name is John Fox and I have been an avid car lover since I was a little boy. My first love was a Matchbox, Jaguar XKE in Red I got when I was 9. My love of all things automotive was set in stone at the point. Below is how I got started in this business many years ago.

It all started with another Jaguar XKE diecast car back in 1998 when I wanted a Primrose Yellow version but they only made Red and Green versions. Using my 20 years experience in the automotive body and paint industry I decided to repaint the diecast car. After numerous attempts trying to figure out the best possible way to use automotive grade paint on a small scale car I created my first custom painted diecast replica. This opened the door to huge possibilities and my second custom replica and first of many American Musclecars, a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner in Red with a Black vinyl top to match my then real car.

In 2000 I owned a small retail diecast car store in Lombard, IL and had these custom diecast replicas on display including the first ever convertible converted to a hardtop, 1970 Dodge Super bee to match my own car at the time. This led to customers asking me to replicate their real car in diecast and a business was born.

I started my original diecast modifying business in April of 2000 and during the 2000’s I created well over 1000 replicas for customers all over the world. 99{94ed87fafb35ff4f92af3f0376797daa884b5cc21c7311ee8fbb231ba272c3df} of them in 1/18 scale because of the availability of models and unique working features (opening hoods and doors). Over the years I had numerous articles written about my services and created replicas for numerous automotive magazines and some well known automotive aficionados whom, due to privacy, I cannot name. This current company is a continuation of my background and skills in this industry and again been featured in numerous magazines and the reality car show, Graveyard Carz.

Because of my 38 years in the automotive industry including, owning my own bodyshops, my skill level allows me to scratch build parts not available so I can replicate a customers real car as accurately as possible. Hoods, spoilers, creating convertibles from hardtops, creating hardtops from convertibles, custom interiors, wheels, engines swaps, along with most any other body mod, if you can provide pictures I can replicate it.

So if your interested in getting a replica of your car in diecast please follow the instructions on the Ordering a Replica and I will gladly quote you a price.

Thanks for reading !