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If you are looking for general pricing please see the COST paragraph first.

First and foremost you must email me pictures of the front, side, rear, interior and engine of the diecast vehicle you want replicated so I can provide an accurate price quote. You MUST add your name and daytime phone number or I will not quote the project.

As stated on the contact page we require numerous pictures to quote the project. Once a price is agreed upon I write a contract for services which is emailed to you. At that point you print, sign, date the contract and mail or email a copy back to me. At this time I will require either payment (full for projects under $400) or a 50% deposit to be paid. Deposits can be paid via check, money order or I can invoice you via PayPal for credit card and debit card payments.

Once the contract is returned and deposit is paid the replica is created and when done pictures are emailed for approval. At this time any balance due needs to be paid and the car is packaged and shipped. I do offer a written guarantee in regard to my replicating the car per the contract and pictures supplied.


During the build process you are welcome to call or email for progress updates but I will not provide pictures on a weekly basis. Note that while there is an estimated completion date listed on the contract your project could take more or less time to complete. Also, due to normally having 20-30 projects in house, projects can get delayed if any other project does become more complicated than expected.

The process involves working on groups of cars each week and never one car from start to finish. For example; one week might be filled with just taking cars apart, prepping and priming them. Maybe another week is spent doing bodywork or creating parts for those projects. So please have patience as your project will be completed even if it does run past the estimated completion date.

  • Drop files here or
    Front, side, rear, interior and engine. Also, add any picture of anything unique you want replicated.


Cost of an average project is $600.00 with pricing, depending on what is done ranging from $50.00 to over $2000. Cost of just a repaint starts at $250.00 but on certain model it can range from $300.00-$350.00. This process alone takes between 8-12 hours to complete and includes stripping, priming, painting the base coat, re creating the emblems and badges, clear coating, wet sanding and polishing. All colors are mixed in house per factory paint code re formulated to 1/18 scale.

Read everything above before contacting me or I cannot quote your project.

Also please note that I do not do 4X4 trucks and trucks in general are very limited in availability. I suggest you search eBay for: 1/18 scale (insert year, make and model truck here). You will see if they make anything close and if so I can help replicate your truck in diecast and feel free to contact me.